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Defining a vintage... - 1001 Dégustations

How hard it is to define a good or a bad vintage in matters of wine!
Indeed, what should we say about a wine whose vintage is known to be extraordinary but that turns out to be deceiving?

On the contrary an 'average vintage' can be a very good investment because of its low cost, and can throughout the years turn out to be a good bargain because that particular estate is constantly seeking quality.

Generally, a hot and sunny year must give a potentially rich wine with good keeping qualities. As long as the soil, grape variety, the vines' age, exposition, performance, harvesting dates and wine-making, confirm the heavenly manna.

In other words, even if a vintage is good, a bad winemaker or a bad harvest will give nothing good in any case. On the contrary, a bad vintage will be well supported by experienced growers who, from one year to another, give the best.

There are some 2005s (superb year) that are worth nothing.

Please find below a guide which will permit you to choose but also make sure by yourself if the mark corresponds to the quality of the wine.

Marks key :

1 : Average vintage
2 : Good vintage
3 : Very good vintage
4 : Excellent vintage

The vintages table :

See the vintages table.


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