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Who are we?

1001degustations.com was created by professionals in order to help wine lovers and gourmets who are looking for information and guidance. The success of this guide is due to an independent judging panel, and their clear and accurate tasting appreciations.



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Created 25 years ago, Armonia organises selections and competitions in order to reward the best products in each category. This may include judging a wine on its quality, or on its value for money.
Founder of the website 1001degustations with GDA , Armonia is also the technical organiser of Lyon International Competition, of the Gamay International Competition in partnership with Inter Beaujolais and of Un vin presque parfait with the French TV channel M6.

The objective of the selections is twofold:
  • • Guide the consumer, help him make his purchases and satisfy his needs as fully as possible in the matter of taste, requirements and resources.
  • • Provide the producer or distributor with a worthwhile distinction for the best products in each category.

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