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Wine and organic farming - 1001 Dégustations

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a production method that differs from other methods in its use of farming and animal-raising practices that respect natural balance. Thus it excludes the use of synthetic chemical products and GMOs and limits the use of inputs.

For those who believe that synthetic chemicals and other pesticides are harmful, organic farming:
Protects the one that uses it
Protects the environment, the earth, the vines, wildlife
Protects the person who consumes the products (processed or unprocessed)

What is an organic wine?

Nouveau logo Agriculture BiologiqueUntil new regulations were published in the 8 March 2012 edition of the French OJ (R-EU-203/2012), an organic wine could only indicate on its label that it was “made from organically grown grapes”.
Now, and since the 2012 harvest, if a wine conforms to the rules stated in the new regulations—including those applying to growing grapes and making wine—it may display the new European logo and the words ORGANIC WINE may appear on its label.
Wines produced before 2012 may also display the logo if winemakers can prove they followed the winemaking rules even before the new regulations were published.
Logo Agriculture BiologiqueIt should be noted that sulfite levels are regulated and organic wines must contain 30mg to 50mg less sulfites than other wines.

The older logo, with which many people are familiar, still appears on bottles.

Organic wines are very similar to traditionally-produced wines. The consumer is assured that throughout the different stages, no chemicals have been added to the earth where the vine is planted or to the wine. Finally, it is not because a winemaker is "organic" that he is necessarily a great winemaker, but nevertheless he respects a certain number of essential elements for quality wine.

To begin with, and for 3 years, the producer will have a 'Conversion Period'. During this period the producer stops using chemicals and is monitored by certification organisations. He will then be allowed to add "Undergoing conversion to organic farming" to his label but will not have the right to use the logo.

Note that organic wines do not give the "hangover" feeling because they contain little sulfur. In contrast, the sulfur being a stabilizer, the low-dosed wines have a lower chance of good conservation, especially during temperature changes.

Organic distinctions are awarded by accredited organisations.

In France, the distinction (Organic farming) is given by Ecocert (www.ecocert.fr)

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