> At what temperature must we taste a wine?

At what temperature must we taste a wine?

Please try to respect several simple rules so that the wines that you serve are the most expressive possible.

White wines:

Sweet wines should be served "cool" that is to say, about 5-6°C (Sauternes, Quarts de Chaume)
The dry white wines are served very cool from 6 to 10 C which is equivalent to a quarter of an hour in an ice bucket (Muscadet, Sauvignon de Touraine, Quincy, Picpoul de Pinet). The great white wines can be served from 12 to 14° C, they then express better their flavours (Chassagne-Montrachet, Condrieu). Champagnes and sparkling wines are drunk from 7 to 8° C except for the great champagnes that are served at 10° C.

Rosé wines:

La température du vinThey are usually served between 7 to 10° C - Touraine, Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d'Aix, Wine country, varietal wines (Cinsault, Syrah rosé). Expressive rosés such as Tavel or Pinot noir from Alsace exhale better their perfume from 11 to 12° C

Red wines :

To be drunk cool, red wines that are light, young, fruity (11 à 13°C) such as wines from Beaujolais, Savoie, Saumur Champigny and other young Gaillacs.

Others (except the great ones) are to be served between 14 and 16°C: Côtes du Rhône, Bourgueil, Chinon, Bordeaux, Bergerac, Languedoc, however, some Languedoc wines like Beaujolais Crus (Saint-Amour, Julienas, Brouilly) when they are young are pleasant from 12 to 13°C.
The great red wines (Bourgogne, Vallée du Rhône and Bordelais) must be served from 16 to 18°C.


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