> ‘Biodynamic’ wine certification - 1001 Dégustations

‘Biodynamic’ wine certification - 1001 Dégustations

Biodynamic wines must first of all be certified AB (organic farming). Then they can access the 'Biodynamic' process and certification. For this there are two main organisations in France: "Demeter" and “Biodyvin”. The control of the “Biodynamic” process is done by Ecocert, the same organisation that grants AB certification.

Bio-dynamic, a culture that goes further

Amongst 'organic' practices, biodynamics stands out for its consideration of astral influences and rhythms of nature and by the use of herbal homeopathic-type preparations aiming to rebalance and revitalize the plant until it is cured of its illness.

Proposed in 1924 to answer the concerns of farmers who already saw their land in danger, biodynamics is a growing method that goes far beyond excluding the use of synthetic chemicals.

Its principles were defined in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner. It can be summarised briefly in the following three points:

1 - enhancement of soil and plants in their natural environment thanks to preparations derived from plant, animal and mineral substances;

2 - the application of these preparations at specific times of the yearly cycle is the dynamic part. It recognizes in the earth, in the broad sense (rock, arable land, environment) a full-fledged organisation. Thus, it acts as a doctor who chooses to treat patients with specific treatments implementing life forces;

3 - Working the soil by plowing.

These treatments permit:
- the improvement of the quality of the earth thanks to bacteria;
- a better rooting of the plant, with denser and longer roots;
- a better development of leaves and flowers by providing energy for a harmonious fructification

Source: http://www.biodyvin.com

The French Biodynamic organisations for wine are:
Biodyvin (www.biodyvin.com)
Mouvement de l’Agriculture Bio-Dynamique (www.bio-dynamie.org)
Demeter (www.demeter.fr)

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