> How to conserve your wine

How to conserve your wine

For people who are lucky enough to have a room (underground!) it is best to follow a number of basic rules:

Comment conserver le vin ? > No light at all or semi-darkness
> Constant temperature or very slight variations, between 10°C and 16°C the bottles will be in optimal conditions
> Well-aired, i.e. not a stuffy atmosphere
> Hygrometry near 70%, too damp and the corks may mould, too dry and the corks will dry out, causing bottles to leak or wines to alter.
> Do not store fruits or vegetables in your wine cellar (increased humidity and unwelcome odours).
> Ditto for other odour-causeing products such as coal and fuel.
> Vibration should be avoided (metro or road nearby)
> A refrigerated-cabinet type wine cellar is an excellent way to conserve wine.
> Lastly, when you buy and transport wine yourself or receive it from a transporter and it has been shaken during transport, wait about 2 weeks before uncorking. Try the following experiment: uncork and taste a bottle upon reception, then do the same 2 weeks later. You will see the difference.


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