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Testimonials from producers

These producers have chosen 1001 Dégustations and attest to its worth. Read testimonials from our producers.

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We have decided to be part of 1001 degustations as each wine they receive is tasted by several members of a jury composed of professionnals and only the best of them are selected. This guide not only sells labels, 1001 degustations emphasizes on work, value, heritage and quality of wine. Their easy to use but utter catalog gives the readers the opportunity to discover 1001 gustative travels. A site to share with your close relatives…

Stéphanie Paillé, Château De Potiron, Côtes de Bordeaux

Château De Potiron Scea
Pierre Ragon

As it does not have its own website, Domaine Trotereau is particularly pleased with the visibility 1001dégustations.com has obtained in search engines. Our wines have become better known as a result and our client base has been strengthened by website visitors enchanted by 1001’s clear, detailed and professional tasting notes. We are happy to be present on 1001dégustations.com.

Pierre RAGON, Domaine Trotereau, Quincy

Thanks to the user-friendliness of 1001degustations.com and its search-engine optimisation, Château Lajarre has boosted its reputation. Some customers (now loyal consumers) contacted us when they read the comments and suggested food-wine matches on the site. We are altogether delighted to be present on 1001degustations.com.

Grégory Lovato, Château Lajarre – Bordeaux

Château Lajarre
Champagne Jacques Chaput & Fils

Every year, the 1001degustations.com wine guide publishes objective tasting notes on our entire range of wines. The tastings are professional and the comments are useful in developing our product presentations. It also gives our brand greater visibility and additional listings.

Jacky CHAPUT - Champagne Jacques Chaput & Fils – Arrentières

1001degustations offers a simple, clear, user-friendly presentation. The Facebook page is excellent for attracting a wider audience, providing a return not so much in terms of quantity but quality and visibility!

Vincent Grall, Domaine Vincent Grall - Sancerre

Vincent Grall
Château Haut Selve

I appreciated having my wines tasted by 1001degustations.com for two main reasons. First of all, the comments are a very close reflection of our own opinion of our wines - they are fair and frank. The site has really helped us develop loyalty among new consumers that we could not have contacted by ourselves.

Arnaud Lesgourgues, Château Haut Selve - Graves

We have presented our wines at the tastings organised by www.1001degustations.com for years because we appreciate your choices—your selection is not limited to very woody or standardised wines; you’re willing to try our local wines with an open mind—and your tasting notes. Wine tasting is not an exact science. While a minimum of shared vocabulary is necessary to understand each other, a tasting is above all a convivial, shared moment. Your comments bring us back to what a tasting should be—a pleasurable, sensual event with simply presented opinions to help each of us choose a wine according to what we like. The presence of your sticker on our wines was very important for us at a presentation of our wines for the Chinese market.

Evelyne Cailley - Châteaux Cailley - Graves de Vayres

Chateau Toulouze
Domaine Coirier

1001 dégustations is a true tasters’ site, and a genuine showcase for our wines.

Domaine Coirier - Fiefs Vendéens Pissotte


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