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Terms and conditions of use

The website https://www.1001degustations.com hereinafter referred to as the "Website".

This site is published by:
ARMONIA, whose headquarters are located at Parc du Peloux - 331 chemin de la croix de fer - 69400 LIMAS – France - RCS VILLEFRANCHE n° B342 055 837 - Telephone +33 (0)474688440

This site and the domain name are hosted on the server:
OVH SAS http://www.ovh.com
Headquarters: 2 Rue Kellermann - 59100 ROUBAIX - France

Photo credits: ARMONIA

ARMONIA reserves the right to modify or delete all or part of the site without prior notice; the company is not required to inform users of the website (hereafter designated as ‘Website User(s)’) of such changes prior to implementing them and cannot in any way be held responsible by Website Users or third parties for the consequences of modifications to the site.

To consult the site, Website Users must have attained the minimum legal age for the consumption of alcohol set by the law of the country in which they are consulting the website. In France, for example, the minimum age is 18. If the Website User has not attained this age he or she is required to leave the site.


Any connection to the site or use of its contents must be carried out in the framework of these general conditions of use (hereafter designated as ‘General Conditions of Use’.)
The simple act of accessing the site implies application of the rules and conditions defined hereafter as well as acceptance of the General Conditions of Use. Any Website User not willing to accept the General Conditions of Use must refrain from using the site.

The applicable General Conditions of Use are those in force when the Website User connects to and uses the site.

ARMONIA hereby notifies Website Users that the General Conditions of Use may be modified at any time. Such modifications are considered to have been communicated to Website Users by simply putting them online, and all Website Users are considered to have unreservedly accepted these modifications when they access the site after said changes have been put online. ARMONIA undertakes to ensure that these General Conditions of Use are present on the site at all times, except when all or part of the site is temporarily unavailable.


ARMONIA also gives Website Users the opportunity to access services provided by its partners (hereafter known as ‘Partner Services’) via hypertext links in various sections of the site. The site may also contain various types of advertisements (banners, buttons, skyscrapers, etc. ) on which the Website User can click to access the sites and services of third parties.

Partner Services, advertisements and the services to which they provide access are proposed by partners, advertisers and third-party services entirely at their own initiative and under their sole responsibility.

In general, ARMONIA shall not be held responsible for the content of Partner Services accessed via links present on it site, nor for any of the offers, information consulted or transactions performed by these Partner Services. The providers of Partner Services, and they alone, are considered as having entered into a contractual relationship with the Website User.

Consequently, only the specific use and/or sales conditions of the Partner Service(s) shall be applied to the Website User accessing said Partner Service(s) via the site.ARMONIA shall not provide any service or guarantee with respect to the Partner Services used by Website Users and/or the advertising elements mentioned above. As a result, ARMONIA declines all responsibility for cases in which Partner Services, their content or advertisements provided by third parties do not conform to legal and regulatory provisions in effect.

Nonetheless, ARMONIA will strive to forward Website Users’ questions and complaints about these services to the Partner Services and/or third parties involved as quickly as possible. When contacting ARMONIA with a question or complaint, Website Users should take care to provide exact information to enable ARMONIA to identify the purpose of their email and the Partner Service involved.


ARMONIA shall, to the best of its ability, keep the site and the services it provides online and available at all times. The company is not, however, under any obligation to do so. ARMONIA thus has the right to interrupt access, in particular for purposes of maintenance or updating, or for any other reasons—in particular technical or editorial—and this without any notice or prior information provided to Website Users. ARMONIA shall not, in such cases, be held responsible for the consequences of such interruptions for Website Users or any other parties.

In addition, ARMONIA shall not be held responsible if Website Users are unable to access all or part of the site as a result of a technical defect or any other type of problem, in particular but not limited to the following:
- network congestion,
- failures on the part of Internet Access Providers,
- human error or electrical default,
- any malicious act,
- failure and/or congestion of telephone connections,
- software or hardware failures
- case of force majeure.


Access to some services available on the site may be subject to identification of the Website User, validation of a registration form and use of a specific account (hereafter known as the ‘User Account’).

Minors may not register on the site or create a User Account.

When creating his or her User Account, each Website User must choose a user name and password. At this time, Website Users are also asked to complete a registration form to provide ARMONIA with certain personal details such as first and last name, email address, telephone number, postal address, birthdate, region, etc. This information will be processed according to conditions defined in point 5 below. Website Users are given information on the required or optional nature of the information requested on the form.

Each Website User agrees to create and use only one User Account and to provide only correct, up-to-date information that does not violate the rights of third parties (in particular with regard to use, in the email address or user name provided, of another party’s family name, brand or elements of works protected by intellectual property rights) and is not contrary to public order and common decency.

Should any Website User not fulfil one of the obligations listed above, ARMONIA shall have the right to require the Website User to change his or her email address and/or user name. If the Website User refuses to make the change, ARMONIA shall have the right to delete the User Account.

Likewise, if a Website User creates more than one user account or provides false identification data, ARMONIA shall have the right to cancel or block all of the Website User’s User Accounts.

ARMONIA shall not be held responsible if a Website User’s registration data is not received or is partially illegible as a result of technical incompatibility or other defect, in particular those caused by the Website User’s IT installations (Internet server, hardware, software, etc.).

Use of user names and passwords
All information the Website User communicates to ARMONIA as part of the registration process is strictly confidential. Website Users acknowledge that the responsibility for remembering their user names and passwords and keeping them confidential is theirs and theirs alone.
Any connection to the site through a User Account and/or data transmission via a User Account shall be presumed to have been performed by the holder of said User Account and under his or her sole responsibility.
Each Website User agrees to inform ARMONIA in writing and as soon as possible if his or her password and/or user name is used fraudulently.


ARMONIA shall have the right to set up a file containing information communicated by Website Users, in particular when a Website User creates a User Account and registers. The Website User is informed by ARMONIA that his or her data has been collected and processed, and gives his or her express consent to the creation of this file.
ARMONIA undertakes to respect current regulations concerning the protection of privacy and personal data of Website Users using its services, and the confidentiality of their personal data.
ARMONIA hereby informs Website Users that such data may, however, be communicated to judicial authorities upon request of the latter.

Rights of the Website User
In accordance with law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on data processing, data files and personal rights (‘Informatique et Liberté’ law), ARMONIA hereby informs Website Users that they have the right to access, contest, rectify and delete all the personal data concerning them that is held by ARMONIA. This right may be exercised in writing.

In accordance with decree n°2007-451 of March 25, 2007 in application of the law of January 6, 1978, the requests of Website Users must be submitted in writing, signed and accompanied by a photocopy of the user’s identity card or other proof of identity that includes the user’s signature. The request should include an address to which the response can be sent. ARMONIA shall respond to the request within 2 (two) months of its reception.

Recipient(s) of Website Users’ personal data
Website Users are hereby informed that the personal data concerning them are required in order to benefit from certain services available on the site, in particular registration and account management, and that this information may also be transmitted to any of ARMONIA’s third party technical service providers, in order to provide these services.

When creating their User Accounts and/or when participating in certain services on the site, Website Users may be asked if they agree to receive, through ARMONIA, sales proposals from ARMONIA or from other companies or associations, and if they agree to receive these proposals in electronic form (email, SMS, etc.).

ARMONIA hereby informs the Website User that, in the event he or she has not given express consent to use the information communicated for prospection purposes, and he or she nonetheless receives prospection emails concerning products or services similar to those ARMONIA has provided via the site, he or she may—in conformity with article L. 34-5 of the Code de Postes et Communication Electroniques—at any time and without charge indicate his or her opposition to any further prospection.


In application of article 6 IV of law n°2004-575 of June 21, 2004, on confidence in the digital economy, ARMONIA gives any natural or legal person named or designated on the site a right of reply.
In accordance with regulations in force, ARMONIA appoints the site’s publication director as the person in charge of making sure obligations related to the exercise of the right of reply are fulfilled.

The request to exercise a right of reply should be made in writing.

It should be delivered by registered letter with return receipt less than 3 months after the message in question (object of the right of reply) was put on line. The request should also include references to the message (title, date, etc.) to which the Website User wishes to reply, an indication of the passages contested and the circumstances under which the message was made available to the public (for example, title of the forum or chat room). It is recommended that the party exercising the right of reply also attach to the request the text he or she proposes for a reply. In the body of this text, the Website User would also be well advised to refer to the title of the contested message and the date it was posted.


All elements on the site, and in particular their structure, editorial content, comments, illustrations, photos, images, sounds and videos, and organisation, are protected by copyright, trademark rights and intellectual property rights in general.

ARMONIA confers on the Website User, from the moment he or she accesses the site, a right to private, non-collective and non-exclusive use of the site. Consequently, the Website User undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights attached to the various types of content offered on the site and in particular not to:
- copy, modify, change or share any element contained in or attached to the site without prior authorisation from ARMONIA ;
- use the site or its services for a commercial purpose or for purposes other than that for which they are intended without a prior and explicit agreement from ARMONIA.
It should also be noted that prior and explicit agreement must be obtained from ARMONIA before inserting a hypertext link directing users to the site. If such authorisation is not obtained, the hypertext link could be considered an infringement of copyright.

As site publisher, ARMONIA also undertakes to respect others’ intellectual property rights. If a Website User notices that a violation of intellectual property rights has been committed on the site, he or she may refer the matter to ARMONIA in writing.

ARMONIA declines all responsibility for violations of intellectual property rights, whether they occur in the framework of partnership operations that ARMONIA conducts with Partner Services or result from hypertext links placed on the site.


The site is accessible and available to Website Users “as is” with no guarantee from ARMONIA with respect to the accessibility and content available via the site.

ARMONIA does not guarantee that the information available through the site is free of error or inaccuracies. Likewise, ARMONIA does not guarantee that the site or server making the information available is free of viruses or other dangerous elements.

As site publisher, ARMONIA undertakes to do everything in its power to verify the quality, veracity, security and accuracy of the information and data available on the entire site, and to guarantee its proper functioning. ARMONIA cannot, however, be held responsible for the inaccuracy of this information.

The Website User is the sole person responsible for use of the site and interpretation of information consulted on the site. ARMONIA assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of this data.

In general, the Website User guarantees ARMONIA against any demands, claims and/or awards of damages with which ARMONIA may be threatened and/or which are pronounced against ARMONIA, including reasonable lawyers’ fees, if such demands, claims and/or awards have for cause, basis or origin the Website User’s violation of these General Conditions of Use and/or any other additional and specific rules or lines of conduct applicable to the site.


For any additional information Website Users may use the form to contact ARMONIA.


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