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Selection operation

1001degustations.com was created by professionals in order to help wine lovers and gourmets who are looking for information and guidance. The success of this guide is due to an independent judging panel, and their clear and accurate tasting appreciations.

The tasting committee

The committee is made up of professionals (restaurant owners, sommeliers, oenologists, producers, wine brokers, chiefs, caterer, pastry chef) as well as competent wine and food lovers.
Only the wines and products with an appreciation rating higher than 12/20 will be published on www.1001degustations.com
The tasting is objective, conducted in “blind” conditions in order to ensure unbiased judgment.

Important point

- A product page: If your wine or product is approved, 1001degustations.com will publish a detailed online article for each product selected which will provide pertinent information about the product, its origin, pictures of the sample and tasting mark. This page is published and remains online indefinitely.
- An online directory: each producer will be included in our online directory; a full page with address, logo, company description, selected products…
- SEO: throughout the year a technical team actively promotes the 1001degustations.com site and its wine and product selection. A product which is well referenced by search engines is the best publicity your products can have and will contribute directly to enlarging your clientele.
- A link: On 1001degustations.com you benefit from a link to your website.

Registration fees

The following registration fees concern the tasting. No additional expenses are requested. If the products are selected, they will be published online for free, as well as the tasting rating. The product page remains online indefinitely.

Price excluding VAT

Price incl.VAT


40 €

48 €

Europe (U.E)

40 €

48 €

Out of Europe


48 €


Important dates :

Until 5 October 2018 > On-line registration
Until 12 October 2018 > Samples reception
November 2018 > Tastings
December 2018 > Publication of results


For any questions:

You can visit our Questions-Answers
or contact us by phone on 0033 (0)4 74 68 84 40 or by email on our contact form.


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